The Preamble

The preamble of our Constitution, the supreme law of the state speaks to me as an individual.

Daily assigning challenges to me, by render forth these words “honour those who [have] suffered for justice and freedom in our [beloved] land” and causing a return to a familiar path of ubuntu when it says “respect those who have worked to build and develop our country”.

It continues to speak to me as it touches upon a principle. A principle I subscribe to dearly as it is rendered as forth; “believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity”.

These words of the supreme law descents upon my nakedness and dresses me with purpose.

Surely an everyday South African who recognises this, is at a position to be at the forefront of the process of productive transformation.

And that everyday South African begins with me.


Have You Seen.

I’ve seen the effects that moral deterioration has on the overall society. I’ve seen the harbouring of foreign tendencies as Ubuntu lies as an abandoned waste for poets and historians. I’ve seen the State and her people fall victim to brutality as women and children receive of these bruises first.

Have you seen, what I see?

I’ve seen forces of peace use violence to restrict freedom. I’ve heard announcements made suggesting unseen paradigms shifts. I’ve heard narratives of freedom fighters now forgotten graves for the youth to exert force upon, auctioning heritage for style, oh yes swag. So I ask…

Have you seen, what I see?

So I pray to the God of abundant mercy, show peace to my State… please.