Have You Seen.

I’ve seen the effects that moral deterioration has on the overall society. I’ve seen the harbouring of foreign tendencies as Ubuntu lies as an abandoned waste for poets and historians. I’ve seen the State and her people fall victim to brutality as women and children receive of these bruises first.

Have you seen, what I see?

I’ve seen forces of peace use violence to restrict freedom. I’ve heard announcements made suggesting unseen paradigms shifts. I’ve heard narratives of freedom fighters now forgotten graves for the youth to exert force upon, auctioning heritage for style, oh yes swag. So I ask…

Have you seen, what I see?

So I pray to the God of abundant mercy, show peace to my State… please.


2 thoughts on “Have You Seen.

    • First and foremost let me thank you for contributing to this post, I hope that in the near future more inspiring and motivating material can be uploaded to gear not only you but everyone to make a difference to their respective community from which we reside. Until then I appreciate the effort that you made in stepping into this blog and giving it a chance. Thank you once more.

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